Family Christmas

When snowflakes are falling,
When the nights become long,
Our hearts start recalling,
The blood that's so strong.
The children are waiting,
And writing long lists,
The mothers are baking,
And window panes mist.
Dad's in his tool shed,
Assembling the toys,
And baby's in bed,
Unaware of the noise.
The tree shimmers and twinkles,
With baubles and lights,
And angel dust sprinkles,
Just add to the sight.
Gran 'phones that night.
The kids are delighted.
Their faces beam bright,
 they're overexcited.
The news they receive,
Makes their little eyes light,
They just can't believe,
Granny's coming tonight.
So this Christmas again,
The family's excited,
And will always remain,
Strong and united.

Poem by Ant 2003



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