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Please read my TERMS OF USE before using any of my web sets.

I've been visiting Jane's Place to download PSP tubes for a while now, it was one of the first tube sites I visited when I got PSP. I went searching for a tube today and saw Jane had added a new section to her site. I couldn't resist downloading the lovely tiles and tubes she has on offer, to create web sets. :o)

Thank you Jane for such a lovely site :o)

Parts of these sets were made by Jane from Jane's Place, therefore, a link must be placed to Shell's Designs and to Jane's Place on every page where these sets are used. I have provided buttons for you to link to both sites with each set. If you prefer, a text link is fine.

For nearly all these sets, I used the background codes provided by Beyond the Horizon. It saves me loads of time when creating new pages!

Some of the codes are only available to members but there are codes there that none members are able to use.

Remember, it's always nice to give credit for anything that you haven't created yourself.  If you choose to use the codes from Beyond The Horizon please use the link button which is provided with each set or simply place a text link on each page where you use the codes.





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