What are grandma's for?

Grandmas are for stories
About things of long ago
Grandmas are for caring
About all the things you know
Grandmas are for rocking you
And singing you to sleep
Grandmas are for giving you
Nice memories to keep...
Grandmas are for knowing
All the things you're dreaming of
But, most importantly of all
Grandmas are for love...

Author Unknown

Walking with grandpa

I like to walk with grandpa
His steps are short like mine
He doesn't say "Now hurry up"
He always takes his time
I like to walk with grandpa
His eyes see things like mine do
Wee pebbles bright, a funny cloud
Half hidden drops of dew
Most people have to hurry
They do not stop and see
I'm glad that I have grandpa
Unrushed and young like me.

Author Unknown


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